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Why are individuals fleeing from Uganda?

The current president, Yoweri Museveni, has held power for 30 years due to unfair and fixed elections. Additionally, citizens’ rights are being violated in many ways, such as police opening fire on peaceful protests and sometimes causing death. Currently, resettlement of Ugandans is only open to those who identify as LGBTQ. In Uganda, members of the LGBTQ community are discriminated against by law.

Primary language(s) in Somalia

(Statistics from “The World Factbook” on CIA website)





Other Niger-Congo languages and Nilo-Saharan languages

Religions in Uganda

(Statistics from

86.7% Christian

11.5% Muslim

<1% Other religions

Guidelines for Interacting with Ugandan Refugees

What are some cultural differences?

  • Food is usually eaten while sitting on the floor.
  • Physical contact between genders in public is generally unacceptable, but physical contact within the same gender is friendly and acceptable.
  • Ugandans usually marry someone of the same faith.

What are some resettlement considerations?

  • Refugees from Uganda almost always arrive as single individuals, which makes finding affordable housing difficult.
  • Finding roommates for Ugandan refugees may also be difficult due to their status as LGBTQ.
  • Ugandan refugees usually speak English.

Common Phrases



  • Welcome: Tukusanyukidde
  • Hello: Gyebale ko
  • How are you?: Oli otya?
  • Yes: Yee; Mm
  • No: Nedda
  • Thank you: Weebale

Also – a video of greetings in Luganda.



  • Welcome: Karibu
  • Hello: Habari
  • How are you?: Harabi
  • Response: Nzuri
  • Yes: Ndiyo
  • No: Hapana
  • Thank you: Asante

Also – a video of greeting in Swahili.

*This collection of information is neither perfect nor comprehensive.  Each culture is unique and cultural norms are diverse even among individuals from the same culture.  Additionally, the refugees from the following places are diverse, as is easy to see in the guidelines in this report.

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