August 2, 2017

Refugee Voices

There are many ways to hear the voices and see the faces of our refugee communities. Their stories are a unique part of the beautiful tapestry that makes the United States a diverse and wonderful place to live. Some of those stories are featured here.

Bedtime Story, from Breathe Free

In this excerpt from Doug Swift’s documentary “Breathe Free”, CRIS staff member Tara Dhungana discusses the impact of xenophobic rhetoric on his family, particularly his children.

Blaise Balazire at TEDx Yearling Road

Blaise Balazire is a member of the CRIS Refugee Speakers Bureau. He shared his story at a TEDx event in June of 2017.

Sowdo’s Story

We are proud to introduce Sowdo’s Story, produced by one of CRIS’s partners, Episcopal Migration Ministries (EMM), which features CRIS staff member, Sowdo Mohamud.  Join EMM’s awareness campaign, #ShareTheJourney.

Stories of Hope from Bhutanese Refugees

Welcome to this video which features stories of hope from Nepali-speaking Bhutanese refugees who resettled in the United States after living in refugee camps in Nepal for nearly two decades. The main video includes a general message of hope and encouragement for Bhutanese refugees who may be experiencing emotional distress. Accompanying the main video are profiles of eight Bhutanese refugees who briefly share ways that they were able to overcome emotional distress and find a new sense of hope and meaning in life.

Visit the Office of Refugee Resettlement website:

Family Reunification

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