January 12, 2016

Ohio’s Early Intervention Program

What We Do

Early Intervention is a program for Franklin Country’s  newborns, infants, and toddlers providing health and developmental services so that children start school healthy and ready to learn. Services are designed with the family’s concerns and goals in mind. This program helps families decide what would be most helpful to their child and gives them someone who will listen and care.

Young Children (0-3) sometimes need help early in life because of premature birth, health problems, or a diagnosed delay. They may have trouble seeing, hearing, talking, thinking, playing, or moving. Parents are entitled to an evaluation at no cost to see if their child is eligible for Early Intervention Services. If a family needs a Service Coordinator, they will help find the services that the child needs and connect them to resources, therapies, and family support.


To be eligible for the Early Intervention program, the child has to be evaluated through the Early Intervention program and found to have a delay in at least one of five areas of development (adaptive, social emotional, cognitive, gross and fine motor, or receptive and expressive communication),or have a medical diagnosis that can lead to a delay in development. Once eligible, the child will be linked to a Service Coordinator that will guide the family through the process of receiving services and map out the family’s goals through an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP). The Service Coordinator will help the family access a variety of services such as speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy and an early intervention specialist, which will address the developmental needs of the child. The therapy services are also developed to coach family members in working with their children to address their developmental needs because parents and caregivers have the most opportunities to provide learning activities to their children.

Our staff is dedicated to providing services to English and Limited English Speaking families. For more information on child development please visit http://www.ohiohelpmegrow.org/. If you have concerns about your child’s development and would like to have an evaluation, please contact our  main office at 614-227-9860 to make a referral for your child and schedule a developmental evaluation.

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