January 12, 2016

Employment & ESL

What We Do

CRIS Employment Services prepares refugees for the workplace in order to achieve the goal of long-term self-sufficiency and integration into the Central Ohio community.

Classroom Instruction: Daily instruction covering topics related to American culture and the workplace. Depending on an individual’s needs, participants spend anywhere from a few weeks to a few months with us, immersed in the English language and learning the skills that will enable them to meet employer needs.

Specific English language instruction takes place during additional daily ESOL classes. Among the many topics covered in the employment classes are:

• American culture—dress, communication, time, employer expectations, etc.
• Child care
• Math, money and financial management
• Local navigation and modes of travel
• Career exploration and goal setting
• The job process—applications, interviews, beginning work, successful work retention

Individual Employment Counseling: CRIS’s employment counselors work with clients to achieve their individual employment goals through practical application of the classroom teaching. Our employment counselors regularly assist with job applications, scheduling interviews, arranging transportation to a new job, arranging childcare, and providing support to our clients and their employers through the early stages of employment.


CRIS offers individual employment counseling to refugees, asylees, and immigrants who are work authorized in the United States. Contact Tara Dhungana, Employment Services Program Manager at tdhungana@cris-ohio.org, for more information.
Currently, CRIS Employment and ESOL classes are available only to refugees and asylees through referral by Franklin County Department of Job and Family Services.

Program Funders

For Employers
Central Ohio boasts a large, diverse, and vibrant refugee population. CRIS Employment Services currently works primarily with newcomers from Bhutan, Burma, Iraq, Sudan, Congo, Eritrea, and Somalia. All CRIS clients are authorized to work in the US. Each of these individuals possesses a strong desire to work in the US and provide family stability by earning a living. Some clients are searching for the first paid employment they have held anywhere in the world. Others are looking to build upon their substantial foreign work experience and use their advanced degrees. Some will transition effortlessly to the US workplace, while others will require more direction and patience.
CRIS values its relationships with its employer partners and strives to identify clients who fit their specific needs. We will arrange interviews with our clients, and provide employment counselors to assist with new hire paperwork and orientation. We maintain relationships with our employers, helping to bridge the gap between cultures. We will be a continuing resource to employers in working through challenges with our clients. We value employers who embrace the cultural diversity of CRIS clients, and we have found that an early investment of patience and understanding leads to the reward of our clients’ hard work and loyalty.
If you would like to speak with us about how CRIS clients could contribute to your workforce, please contact Tara Dhungana, Employment Services Program Manager at tdhungana@cris-ohio.org.

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