Car Seats with Columbus Public Health

CRIS staff member, Breanne, assists clients in accessing new car seats.
Read some of her thoughts below!


“I brought a group of mothers to Columbus Public Health last week to attend the car seat class. Two of the mothers were from Iraq, and one was from Uganda.
One of the Iraqi women is 9 months pregnant with her third child. Her two other children have rhyming names; she told me that she wants to give the new baby a rhyming name that matches theirs, but her husband isn’t totally on board. I can completely relate because I think I went through several baby name books until my husband and I finally agreed on names for our children. 🙂 This mother was particularly eager to receive a car seat, saying it was the last item she needed to be ready for her baby’s pending arrival. She used to come to employment classes at CRIS and is very outgoing, so it was fun chatting with her in her blossoming English. In fact, when I picked her up, I was surprised how much English her 4-year-old daughter has picked up, especially since she doesn’t go to school yet. They have been here about a year.


The Ugandan mother had also been very in need of a car seat. She said that although many of her friends have cars, they would not bring her and her son anywhere without a car seat.
And the star of the class was the little girl in the photo below. Her mother was the second Iraqi woman. The little girl was so adorable and gave me lots of smiles when she knew her photo was being taken. She loved her new car seat. This family has been having problems getting to medical appointments because their insurance’s medical taxi has refused to take them without a car seat, so thanks to Kiwanis, that problem is now solved. “
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