Ways to Help Nepal

In the aftermath of the earthquake in Nepal this past weekend, aid is still needed to help rebuild the damage that the devastating earthquake caused. Here’s how you can donate: 

Nepal-EarthquakeThe Red Cross Society of Nepal in coordination with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) activated the following website for the purpose of helping families to determine what happened to their families in Nepal, following the earthquake: 


This family links website offers people the possibility to:

  • Search through the list of missing persons and people who have responded that they are alive
  • Register names of persons with whom they have lost contact
  • Register names of persons who wish to inform others that they are alive

People can register in a form on the website, which is submitted to the Red Cross Society of Nepal.



CRIS contributes to Kirwan’s Research on Seniors

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Giving from the Heart


Each year, as late November rolls around and Thanksgiving and Christmas appear around the corner, we experience being truly thankful for all that we have received. We also have the opportunity to recognize what it means to give generously, and from the heart.

Recently I learned about one such act of generous giving.

Ray and Linda Miller first heard about the ministry of welcoming refugees during a class on Immigration and Refugees held at their church, sponsored by the United Methodist Women. They were deeply inspired by what they learned about the plight of displaced people around the world fleeing war and coming to the U.S. with so little. So, they reached out to CWS partner Community Refugee and Immigration Services, or CRIS, to see how they could help. Soon after, their church, Scioto Ridge UMC, began partnering with CRIS in refugee resettlement ministry.

As Ray and Linda began to work directly with refugees they noticed just how hard life in Columbus was without a car. In response to this Ray developed a mantra of sorts: “Our grey car would be perfect for a refugee family. I wish we could give it away.”

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We are proud to introduce Sowdo’s Story, produced by one of CRIS’s partners, Episcopal Migration Ministries (EMM), which features CRIS staff member, Sowdo Mohamud.  Join EMM’s awareness campaign, #ShareTheJourney.

Sowdo’s Story from Episcopal Migration Ministries on Vimeo.


CRIS’ 5K Run4Refugees – April 26, 2014

CRIS thanks all of our 200+ participants, as well as our sponsors, donors, and supporters who were a part of making this year’s Run4Refugees a huge success!

We can’t wait to see you all again next year.


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