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In this video, CRIS Executive Director Angela Plummer introduces 4 refugees who have resettled in Columbus Ohio who share their heart-wrenching personal stories of taking risks to escape execution, war, persecution and more – while driven by hope.

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Impact of Refugees 2015 Report

This report outlines the economic impact refugees had on Central Ohio in 2015.

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Be Prepared: Know Your Rights

In the current political climate, it is important for immigrants to know their rights and be prepared in the event of ICE raids, etc. Visit this page for resources and guidelines for staying prepared.

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Spotlight on Refugee Seniors

Article discussing the senior refugee population and their unique challenges such as the language barrier and unfamiliarity with cultural customs.

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Economic Impact of Refugees in Central Ohio

The following facts are from the Impact of Refugees in Central Ohio 2015 Report. Find the complete report under "Resources" and "Information & Facts".
"...refugees in the community are more than twice as likely to start a business as the general population."

The Impact of Refugees in Central Ohio report confirms that the growing new American populations contribute to the cultural richness and enhance the economic growth and development of Columbus. The growth rate of the immigrant/refugee population in Columbus has also posed certain challenges for the city infrastructure in meeting the basic living necessities in a culturally sensitive manner. Some of these challenges include language barriers and education, fair and affordable housing, healthcare and employment. This report helps us to pinpoint these issues in order to better address them. Columbus has always been an inclusive city. We accept and appreciate those from ALL cultures and backgrounds. It’s what makes Columbus the best place to live, work and raise a family. -Michael B. Coleman, Mayor of Columbus

  • Refugee households with six or more people.

  • Refugees age 18 and older are currently enrolled in college or have graduated from college.

  • Refugees in Columbus resettled in the past 10 years.

  • Employed refugees age 16 and older who are business owners.

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